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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Friday, April 28, 2006


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What is your username?


Write a little paragraph about your username, why you chose it, what it means to you, etc.

kc cool un da vinci code, idol ko si dan brown.

What would you change your name to, if you were changing it?


Why that?

kc un ang official internet alias ko since highschool. cool din si kefka.

What is your favorite username?



1st of, dhil sa Dual! na show. 2nd, un ung name ng char ko sa WoW. cool din un, one time ako pinakamaraming honorable kills sa battlegrounds!

Now, tag five other unfortunates whose usernames you would like to hear about.

d na ako magtatag to stop redundancy. malamang natag na siya ng ibang tao hehehe. basta tagged by jason kapag nainspire kayong gumawa nito while reading my blog hehe.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Iron Cook

(I'm still not sure if i should posting this, although I'm already writing it down, but what the heck, I need this rant.)

Last Saturday I was able to witness a special episode of the Iron Chef: America @ Lifestyle channel. Wasn't really interested in that channel before, but that was way before I started watching it while eating. :D Been glued to the channel now every meal I have at home.

Anyways, back to the post, this wasn's any normal episode of Iron Chef. This one featured my most admired Iron Chef in the whole wide set of Cooking Staduim: Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, dubbed "The King of Iron Chefs". French cooking is definitely... expensive hehe. :D french fries...

But this episode was not a tribute to the great Sakai, he was there for a reason... for a battle!

And he was up against, well, guess who? Bobby Flay.

I Just don't know, I don't like the guy. Seems arrogant for some reason. I always thought during judging that Bobby's gonna lose against his challengers. (Go underdogs!!)

The theme for that battle was: live fish (crap, I can't believe I forgot the theme ingredient!)

yep, the fish was still swimming so happily when nets bombarded them.

Fast forward 45mins to judging.

Like the original Iron Chef show, Sakai was dubbed, and he was dubbed by the same voice actor! now that was cool! =)) I mean, he was talking to the judges in his local tongue, and they were replying to him in english! No language barrier at all! hehehe (Made me wonder how long they took to shoot the part).

Basing from their comments, I thought they liked Sakai's dishes. (I'd like to enumerate the dishes here but my limited memory won't allow me, but trust me, Sakai's dishes rocks!!!!)

But to my near-traumatic-shock-that-i-may-never-watch-iron-chef-again, Bobby Flay won.


until now... i can't believe it...


blogger's note: The last broadcasted episode of Iron Chef was in 2002, so meaning, this battle was way way way old. Even though, thanks to Lifestyle channel for airing it. :D

Monday, March 20, 2006

naruto freny *update*

What can I say? I cannot get enough. :D For those of you who just tuned in, click here.Sarah: "Naruto's so funny hnnhnnhnnhnnhnnhnnhnn to the nth power"

blogger's note: this post has no typographical errors whatsoever, ganyan po talaga si sarah tumawa, parang hihihi pero instead of "i", "n". I don't know how she does it, but she does it. :D


Last saturday we tried out Javakula@Seattle's. Nope it wasn't a new beverage they're having but it was this month's promo drink for those guys with the Seattle's calendar. (There's a stub for each month where you could get a free drink for every purchase of that month's drink)

since we both don't know what flavor to order, because obviously it was our first time ordering it (but definitely not the last) I chose what any normal man will do and picked vanilla bean.

the result? vanilla bliss.

(here they are at close-up)
sarah: "hmmm this tastes weird..."
jason: "huh, weird?"
jason: "uhm, what are you doing?... 8-|"

sarah: "oh, it's alright now, tastes just fine!"
sarah: "yum yum yum..."

hehehe sorry couldn't help myself with the captions. :D some camera magic for you there.

there we'll definitely be more javakulas in the following weeks... :p

Friday, March 17, 2006

naruto frenzy

recently, i've influenced sarah to watch and enjoy some episodes of naruto. since we have nothing better to do doing our break time, you may think of this as some quality time, in a weird weird world.

so far so good, i think...

here are some pics of sarah while watching naruto. I don't know if she's aware that there's a phone cam between her and my monitor that's taking her pictures while watching naruto, but heck, it's all good.

we'll call this section, "This is what I think she's thinking"

sarah: "hmm naruto hmm..."
sarah:"wow, naguusap yung mga kage bunshin! :-o"
sarah: "i swear.. kpag nagkage bunshin pa si naruto ng isa pang beses.. so help me.."
sarah: "fill in nanaman to no? kelan ba sila magstistick sa manga? ang boring e...."
jason: "uhm.. kpag nagpalit na ng opening song? ^___^"
sarah: "rasenggaaaaan!!"

i'll upload more as we watch more.

hopefully she'll be more enthusiastic when we watch bleach. :D

iM bACK!

Wow, It’s been a while since my last post. Most of you guys could have removed me from your bookmarks (or maybe there was no bookmark for me after all! :-O) thinking that Jason’s poor excuse for a blog has once again hitted the blogger’s block and is on a one way trip to internet limbo.

As always, I have a perfectly logical reason for this. :D

Presenting *drum roll please*


My iPod!

Here’s my white 30GB 5th generation iPod. She’s turning 3 weeks next Monday. Along side her are the accessories she came with: an AC wall charger because I don’t leave my pc at home running all day, a sumajin LOOP case, white to match the aesthetics (not available here, got it from Singapore, many thanks to Richmond!) and if you look real closer, there’s a brando screen protector that takes care of her front and back.

So what have I been doing the 21 days at least? Let me enumerate the ways.

  1. Re-rip CD’s via audiograbber. Why? Because I’ve been ripping mine on Windows Media Player since version 10 got out and most of my music files are on .wma, which moves me to my second task..
  2. Convert non-mp3 files to mp3 via Dbpoweramp. Since my CD drive is now bust re-ripping CD’s, I need to multitask so I can store as much music as I can to my new ipod. Since I have a lot of non-MP3 audio files and only one CD drive, this was the way to go. Now, the last time I used this encoder the MP3 Lame codec was free, but on it’s latest release, they we’re asking for money. Good for me I have backups of old installers, so all I had to do was revert back.
  3. With all the non-mp3 files ripped and converted, I have gained the task of addressing to the my existing mp3 collection: correcting tags. Now, I’m talking about a lot of MP3 files here, most of them is downloaded so the tags doesn’t come right at all. Thank to MP3tag, I was able to do them all in a jiffy.
  4. With all this said and done, I should be finished already right? I mean, what more is there to do? Wrong. Ever noticed that while playing different tracks you have to adjust the volume just to make up for the loudness or weakness of it’s sound? And we all know how OC ipod owners when it comes to its battery life. We wouldn’t touch it unless we have backlighting on so to conserve precious playback hours. The answers to our prayers: mp3gain. The bigger your library, the longer it takes, I basically don’t like to wait so I let it run overnight.
  5. No ipod is an ipod until you conduct a break in. Without breaking it in, how would you know if there’s something wrong with your battery? (Paranoia in ipod owners are perfectly normal). So what I did was let it play until I dies (bad for Li-on batteries, only do it once a month or so, just to calibrate the battery.) for 4 times and then charge it full. That’s a cycle. Now do that for 4 times. That should get you ipod running it’s promised hours. So for my 30GB, that’s 14hours of music playback and 2hours of videos.

With all these said and done, all I have to do is buy more cd’s (ouch!)

Until next time, happy podding!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

koichii's a genius

koichii did it once again ^_^ i couldn't even understand the concept behind this one and she was able to figure it out. now that takes real SKILL, after this we'll be checking her IQ results, I might be inlove with a promil gifted child heheh


What can i say, I can't get enough ^_^
koichii beat me to the solution again, but I did it perfectly on my own. :p

click here


Idleness has a price to pay but this clearly are the rewards. ^_^ Thanks to koichii for the tips for the cube. the RPG, I did by myself (and er, 3 more guys: JR, Allan and Daryl way way back, in the good ol prehistoric days)

For more mayhem, (against the idle times) visit eyezmaze.

Monday, February 20, 2006

a saturday less ordinary

I should put a balloon thought in that, i should really do. last saturday we we're supposed to watch japanese girsl dance in shangrila, (i promise that all of these are true and is comfortable with my sarah). Unfortunately, the posted schedule of 2pm was to be cancelled only to be suceeded by the next dance which is 3 hrs after that. =| ofcourse we wont wait for it. Tired, bored and hungry, we continued venturing to what became the most spontaenous saturday ever.
due to the lack of preparation, we went on to venture the next mall: mega mall. we all know this mall as one big lump of mall that will make any feet sore if you try to cover every square inch of it. we were supposed to eat at Dad's but we ended up at this place. GALLERY FRAMES. Although not as tasty as the food that was served in Dad's (well, there was no food to eat at all) the benches infront on this shop was accomadating enough. enough to take a lot of pics hehehe

Whoa, what's that on my neck!!? (we were at an all time imagination high) If the guards and other bystanders weren't looking so much, we would have never stopped

Ok, now act let's act sponataneously (these pic are so going into friendster, really)

We watched Pink Panther afterwards (due to insistent public demand ^_^) and I have to say, "deja vu!" (OMG it's Inspector Jacques Clouseau!!) peace koichii, luv ya :p

so there you have it, the most spontaneous saturday ever blogged :D

the lesson, always bring your camera and when in doubt, look for empty benches hehehe